66 Basic Strongman: Week 12 Day 2

Lower Day

Front Squat

Work up to a 1RM over seven sets. No pause.

  1. 45x5
  2. 135x5
  3. 185x3
  4. 225x1
  5. 275x1
  6. 315x1
  7. 325x1 +5 pound PR

I misloaded the bar. Wanted to attempt 335 but ended up attempting 325. Still a PR though.

18” Deadlift

Work up to a 1RM over 5 sets.

  1. 225x1
  2. 315x1
  3. 405x1
  4. 475x1
  5. 500x1 +5 pound PR!

Deadlift keeps getting stronger. My previous PR was set on day when I was fresh. So beating that within a half hour after getting a front squat PR is pretty great.

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