78 Basic Strongman: W3D2, Paused Squats and Deadlifts

Lower Day

I’m trying two new things this workout. One, I’m eating two pieces of toast with honey. The first before the workout starts, and the second after squats are done. Two, I’m using knee sleeves for the first time today. My squat PR is 420 pounds without sleeves, so I think I’m strong enough that I can justify using them. Also, they’ll be useful for more knee stability during moving events like sled, farmers, and yoke.

Paused Squat

Work up to 2RM over seven sets.



  1. 185x2
  2. 225x2
  3. 275x2
  4. 315x2
  5. 335x2
  6. 355x2 felt really good
  7. 365x 370x2 +5 pound PR

The knee sleeves are great. I feel so much more stable on squats. Especially in the hole.

Twice Paused Deadlift

Work up to a 3RM over five sets. Pause twice (on the ascent and the descent).

  1. 135x3
  2. 225x3
  3. 275x3
  4. 300x3 this felt easier than I expected
  5. 315x 335x PR I suppose. Though I’m not really tracking these.

Overall, the knee sleeves were great and I didn’t hit a complete wall during deadlifts like I did last week. toastStatus = Statuses.Keep and kneeSleeveStatus = Statuses.Keep.

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