67 Basic Strongman: Week 12 Day 3

Farmers and Sandbag Day

Farmers Walk

Work up to a new max.

  1. 100x1
  2. 100x1
  3. 150x1
  4. 190x1
  5. 220x1 +20 pound PR AND competition weight!!!

This was a great farmers session. That final set was a PR by 20 pounds, and it was competition weight.

Sandbag Load

Work up to my heaviest sandbag. If I can get one rep with it then get a couple more.

  1. 160x1
  2. 160x1
  3. 160x1
  4. 230x0

This sandbag session was disappointing. I was able to one motion the 160 pound bag over a 52” high bar. But I just could not muscle up the 230 bag. This shouldn’t be surprising since I haven’t been faithful to how Basic Strongman prescribed day three. Even so I’ve made progress.

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