65 Basic Strongman: Week 12 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Incline

Work up to a 1RM over seven. No pause on chest.



  1. 135x1
  2. 155x1
  3. 175x1
  4. 195x1
  5. 205x1
  6. 215x1 +5 pound PR
  7. 225x0 overreach

Axle Push Press

Work up to a 1RM over 7 sets.

  1. 100x1
  2. 140x1
  3. 160x1
  4. 180x1
  5. 200x1
  6. 220x1 +10 pound PR
  7. 240x0 Previous set was difficult. So I decided to skip this attempt.

The clean was definitely the hardest part of this lift. Had to re-grip using over/under after my double overhand couldn’t cut it. I haven’t needed to use over/under in any of the axle training so far in this program. So my hand transition was pretty clumsy.

I also had some pain through my right wrist on the palm side of my arm. Tight wrist wraps, thankfully, took care of the issue.

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