62 Basic Strongman: Week 11 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Bench

Work up to a 1RM over seven sets. No Pause.



  1. 135x1
  2. 185x1
  3. 225x1
  4. 235x1
  5. 245x1
  6. 255x1 PR
  7. 265x0 (oh well)

Log Push Press

Work up to a 1RM over seven sets.

Seven sets is new. I don’t recall so many sets for log on previous weeks.

  1. 100x1
  2. 130x1
  3. 150x1
  4. 170x1
  5. 190x1
  6. 200x0 (I was lightheaded and confused after the 190. I accidentally skipped this.)
  7. 210x1 +10lb PR

To wrap up, it was a good day. I was hoping for a bigger close grip bench, but it wasn’t there today. Log went very well, I got the goal PR of 210lbs.

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