58 Basic Strongman: Week 9 Day 3

Yoke Walk and Yoke Push Day

The weather is getting warmer. I have a yoke. I’m going to start doing yoke like Mike Westerling prescribes. Since I haven’t been doing yoke at all yet, I’m starting with week 1 day 3’s yoke.


Progressively heavier runs of 50ft over five sets. Work up to a challenging weight that’s still manageable. Heavy enough to slow me, but not heavy enough to barely be able to walk.

My yoke weighs 175lbs.

  1. 175
  2. 265
  3. 355
  4. 445 PR
  5. 515 PR

This 515lb walk was borderline “too heavy”. But the speed was fair, so I think I’m still in the range that Mike intended.

Yoke Push

So, again I’m straying from the prescribed day 3. Book says to do stone or sandbag loads. I just brought a ton of my 45lb plates up to my garage from my basement to load up my yoke. So, I decided to use the yoke for some pushes instead of doing sandbag loads.

One run is 50 feet.

I strained my left calf on the 4th push. It felt like a cramp, but it hasn’t gone away as I write this.

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