56 Basic Strongman: Week 9 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Bench

No pause. Work up to 2RM over seven sets.



  1. 135x2
  2. 185x2
  3. 210x2
  4. 220x2
  5. 230x2
  6. 240x2
  7. 250x2 +10lb PR

My close grip bench rep PRs are all more than my regular bench PRs. Looking forward to eventually testing my regular bench. CG Paused Bench and CG Bench both seem to have been a been huge help.

Log Push Press

Clean first rep. Work up to 3RM over four sets.

  1. 100x3
  2. 160x3
  3. 185x3
  4. 200x3 +15lb PR

This was a satisfying PR. Seems like every workout I get some kind of PR now. I can’t wait to test 1RM in the final two weeks.

Also, I’ve been testing my log with and without a belt. Without a belt I get lightheaded far easier than with a belt on tight.

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