55 Basic Strongman: Week 8 Day 3

Farmers and Sandbag Load Sled Drag Day

I haven’t been rotating day 3 like the Basic Strongman program prescribes. The last two weeks I’ve been a little burned out on this day, so I’ve skipped them. I think not rotating was a mistake. I bet the variety would have helped to avoid the mental burnout. So, week 8 day 3 has farmers and tire flips prescribed. I don’t have a tire, but I do have a little DIY sled drag thingy I can rig up. I’m using that today.

Farmers Carry

Program says to do 200’ with a light weight and a turn at 100’. Then do 200’ with a medium heavy weight and a turn at 100’. My basement requires more turns than that. A lap in my basement is about 40’ with turn and I typically drop it and repick after each lap because there isn’t much room to turn. But, I’ll try to turn in place this time.

Went too heavy, I guess.

Sled Drag

Used my DIY tow strap + cardboard sled.

10 rounds. 180lbs. 60 seconds on. 20 seconds rest.

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