53 Basic Strongman: Week 8 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Incline Bench

Work up to 3RM over seven sets. No pause.



  1. 135x3
  2. 150x3
  3. 165x3
  4. 175x3
  5. 185x3
  6. 195x3
  7. 200x3 +5 pound PR

Seated Cable Rows

Full body “cheat” rows.

These got really cheaty at the end. Touched the grip to my core everytime, but toward the end it was more of a hip hinge than a cable row.

Axle Push Press

Work up to a 5RM over four sets.

  1. 150x5
  2. 170x5
  3. 185x5
  4. 200x5 PR

That last set had a couple jerks in it too. Not sure if I should let that bother me at this point since I still locked it out.

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