52 Basic Strongman: Week 7 Day 2

Lower Day


No pause. Work up to 3RM over seven sets.



  1. 225x3
  2. 275x3
  3. 315x3
  4. 345x3
  5. 365x3
  6. 375x3
  7. 380x3 +25 pound PR

Very happy with squats today. This PR was great.

2” Deficit Deadlifts

Work up to a 5RM over 5 sets.

  1. 135x5
  2. 225x5
  3. 315x5
  4. 365x3 this was not a good set
  5. 365x5 +50lb PR

Repeated the 365 for my last set since set 4 was so disastrous. Was really hoping to get 375lbs or more for 5.

Overall it was a fantastic day. I felt like I should’ve pulled more for the deficit deadlift. But it’s still a PR over week 1 day 2.

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