51 Basic Strongman: Week 7 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Bench

No pause. Work up to 3RM over seven sets.



  1. 135x3
  2. 185x3
  3. 205x3
  4. 215x3
  5. 225x3
  6. 235x3
  7. 240x3 PR

One Arm Seated Cable Rows

Alternate arms.

  1. 45x6
  2. 90x6
  3. 110x6
  4. 120x6
  5. 130x6

Log Push Press

Clean first rep. Work up to 5RM over four sets.

  1. 100x5
  2. 150x5
  3. 175x5
  4. 185x5 PR

Push pressing feels so good after 6 weeks of strict pressing. I probably could have gone up to 190lbs or so today, but didn’t want to be too optomistic.

Both benching with no pause and push pressing felt really strong today.

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