48 Basic Strongman: Week 5 Day 3

Sandbag and Farmers Day

Farmers Walk

Lap is 40ft with turn then a drop. Final set finish with hold ALAP.

  1. 100x4
  2. 160x2
  3. 200x1, held for 8 breaths PR

The hold for as long as possible after the last set is great for mindset. Knowing I could have carried it farther carries positivity over to the next workout.

Sandbag Load

Max loads in one minute.



  1. 235x1 PR

So this isn’t exactly what Mike’s program calls for, but I decided it would be fun to change it up. I took the same bag as last time, but I added about 30 more pounds of sand to it. So, it’s a victory in that I got 1 rep for a personal record. But, I had some technique breakdown and failed to get the second attempt over the bar. Same technique issues as I had week 3 day 3.

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