47 Basic Strongman: Week 5 Day 2

Lower Day


Pause at the bottom for one second. Work up to a 1RM over seven sets.



  1. 225x1
  2. 275x1
  3. 315x1
  4. 345x1
  5. 365x1
  6. 375x1
  7. 385x1

385lbs for one is certainly a paused PR. But, I think I could have gone heavier. It was right around 9 or 9.5 RPE. Given my recent track record of failing top sets it’s probably better that I didn’t make a heavier attempt.

2” Deficit Deadlift

Work up to a 2RM over five sets.



  1. 225x2
  2. 275x2
  3. 315x2
  4. 365x2
  5. 405x2 PR

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