46 Basic Strongman: Week 5 Day 1

Upper Day

Close Grip Bench Press

Work up to 1RM over seven sets. Pause at the bottom for one second.

  1. 185x1
  2. 195x1
  3. 205x1
  4. 215x1
  5. 225x1
  6. 235x1
  7. 245x1 (Pretty sure this is a PR)

245x1 definitely felt like a true 1RM. I changed my approach to these seven sets compared to last time. The warmups that I had been including are now separate sets so that the seven can be closer jumps. This should help me do a better job judging what the top set should be. This was discussed by Mike Westerling in an AMA over on r/Strongman. It seemed to work today.

Single Arm Seated Cable Rows

Alternating arms.

  1. 45x10
  2. 90x5
  3. 110x5
  4. 115x5
  5. 120x5

This are new on this day. Decided they would fit here based on feedback from the good folks in the r/Strongman subreddit.

Log Strict Press

Work up to a 2RM over 4 sets. Clean first rep.

  1. 100x2
  2. 135x2
  3. 165x2
  4. 185x1 (argh)

Failed the second rep of the last set. I should have probably used smaller jumps here.

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