45 Basic Strongman: Week 4 Day 3

Farmers and Sandbag Load Day

Farmers Walk

Lap is 40ft with turn then a drop. Final set finish with hold ALAP.

  1. 100x4 (lowered starting wait compared to last time.)
  2. 160x2
  3. 195x1 PR

Sandbag Load

This was planned to be a seated row day. But, since last week’s sandbag went so poorly I decided to revisit the sandbag today.


5 Minute EMOM

  1. 206x2 PR
  2. 206x2
  3. 206x1 (gassed out. Was unable to get enough wind to continue with 2 reps EMOM)
  4. 206x1
  5. 206x1

The sandbag is evil. The technique today was much better than last week. And I have the strength. Now it’s about improving my conditioning to load the bag 10 times in 5 minutes.

The good news is I more than doubled the number of successful loads compared to last week.

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