42 Basic Strongman: Week 3 Day 3

Farmers and Sandbag Load Day

Farmer Walks

Lap is 40ft with turn then a drop. Final set finish with hold ALAP.

  1. 120lbs/hand for 4 laps.
  2. 160lbs/hand for 2 laps.
  3. 190lbs/hand for 1 lap. Held for 6 breathes.

Sandbag Loading

I wanted to use my new 100KG Cerberus Sandbag V2 for this workout. The sandbag I used last time was only 167lbs. I filled the new sandbag to 206lbs. Was supposed to load the sandbag over bar two times every minute on the minute for five minutes, but since I was using a heavier sandbag than last time, I decided for one load EMOM instead of two.


5 Minute EMOM

  1. 206x0 Got it to my chest, but failed triple extension to get it over the bar. Yikes.
  2. 206x1
  3. 206x1
  4. 206x0 Same as before. Failed triple extension over bar.
  5. 206x1

I bit off more than I could chew with that workout. I’m a little disappointed. But need to weigh that against this being the heaviest sandbag I’ve ever loaded.

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