34 (Basic Strongman)

Pressing Day

Close Grip Paused Bench

Work up to three rep max over seven sets

  1. 45x10
  2. 95x5
  3. 135x3
  4. 165x3
  5. 185x3
  6. 205x3
  7. 215x3

Log Strict Press

Work up to five rep max over four sets. Clean first rep.

  1. 100x5
  2. 120x5
  3. 140x5
  4. 160x3 (failed fourth rep)
    • 150x3 (work to make up for missed reps)

I’m following the Basic Strongman program from the e-book Built By Mike by Mike Westerling.

Today felt good. I was conservative on bench, but was too ambitious on log.

Airdyne 10 Minute HIIT

15 second sprint every minute on the minute. This was not part of Mike’s Basic Strongman program.

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