Story: Malice at Midnight

Jul 13, 2023

Book Club Original Fiction Superversive

By: Brandon Quakkelaar

Image depicting a werewolf terrorizing a home at night.

I’m proud to release my short story thriller, Malice at Midnight. Thank you to my Beta Readers: Ben, Dad, Jesse, and Kyle.

Malice at Midnight, Synopsis

It’s the dead of night, and something is clearly wrong. The family dog raises the alarm, and wakes the house. A family man must rely on his wits, will, weapons (and a stranger’s help) to battle a beast who’s dead set on attacking his home and loved ones.

Here’s a highlight from the story:

I senselessly racked and fired my shotgun. Cushion stuffing launched out from the couch hiding the beast. Terrified that the monster would get up, I racked and fired again. Then racked and fired again! Each shot propelled more fabric and fluff into the air. The stranger’s weapon, a pistol, fired it’s last round and fell silent. Glass crunched as he stepped through the empty window frame. He reloaded his pistol. The smoothness of his motions showed mastery over his weapon.

My shotgun emptied as I fired the last loaded shell.

For a brief moment, no one was shooting. The beast was down. I let go a sigh of relief.

The wall behind the couch was full of holes and covered with bits of fur and blood. Then, unbelievably, the beast rose. It was covered in blood but it’s eyes fixed on me. It coiled its body to spring…

Thank you for reading.
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