Hello, I'm Brandon Quakkelaar

I believe that programming is a craft. My goal is to continuously study this craft, and to always refine my thinking and my execution while practicing it. I have a decade of experience and even though I have come a long way since I started, there’s always something fresh to study that I can add to my toolbox.

Software development is a wonderful discipline that requires creativity, ingenuity, and logic. It’s wonderful because a programmer can sit at a computer and literally create new value from nothing. I get a strong sense of satisfaction whenever I’m able to use my code to solve real world problems that affect real people and businesses.

My Projects

When I’m not working, I like to continue growing as a programmer by having side projects. Each side project has given me new insights and experiences. You can read more about some of my favorite projects here.

My Family

I am very happy to be living in Wisconsin with my lovely wife, our toddler, and our dog.

My Digital Footprint

These days nearly all of my online presence is consolidated to this blog. However, you can still find me on GitHub, and LinkedIn.

I launched Quakkels.com on February 5th, 2017 after blogging on a different platform since 2013. This current version of my blog uses Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. I host using GitHub Pages. I wrote the theme for this blog and it can be found on GitHub.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to send comments to blog@quakkels.com.